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Top 10 Best Makeup & Skincare of 2019

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

1. Paula's Choice Clear Extra Strength Exfoliating Solution

This chemical exfoliant has dramatically improved my skin texture! The Clear Extra Strength Exfoliating Solution removes built-up dead skin and fights blackheads. This one is the extra strength version of the original 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. Within 2 weeks of using this I started to see a big improvement in my skin texture. Before using this I had a consistent struggle with congested pores and small bumps everywhere because of it. This is perfect for combination/oily skin types also.

2. First Aid Beauty Ultra repair Barriair Cream

This light-as-air, mousse-like cream has helped to strengthen my skin barrier. My skin barrier was quite thin due to chemical peels and over use of chemical exfoliants. It contains lipids that mimic the natural composition of the skin barrier. The second time I opened this I saw a foam layer had formed on top of the product. This is an innovative oxygen technology that helps deliver the actives more deeply into the skin.

3. Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream

This is my favourite SPF moisturiser because it doesn’t clog my pores, gives me a semi-matte finish and is very lightweight on the skin! It absorbs quickly into the skin without a sticky or greasy residue. This year I’ve tried many SPF facial creams and I have to say that this one is the best and I will be sticking with it. It has never steered me wrong and also is very affordable.

4. Sunday Riley U.F.O Face Oil

The hype is real when it comes to the Sunday Riley U.F.O oil! A few months ago I decided to give into the hype and try it for myself. This is a purifying oil that is infused with exfoliating salicylic acid that not only battles and prevents breakouts but also brightens and reduces acne scarring. It also contains tea tree and black cumin seed oil to combat spot-causing bacteria. I can testify to all the claims of the product being true! I’ve seen this brighten, fight breakouts and reduce scarring on my skin. I saw a difference in my skin with the first 4 days of using this. I would definitely buy the larger bottle of this when I use this one up.

5. Mizon Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel

This year I officially ditched physical facial scrubs/exfoliants as they were too harsh and contributing to my hyperpigmentation. I began using this gently peeling gel which gets dissolves dead skin cells and dirt. Every time I use this my skin feels extremely soft.

6. Cosrx Low PH Good Morning Cleanser

This is the perfect gentle morning cleanser that I have been looking for! It’s a daily facial gel facial wash which is gentle enough for even sensitive skin types. The formula is similar to the skin’s natural PH level. It contains tea tree oil which is good for oily skin types. This works to reduce the appearance of large pores and control excess sebum production.

7. Skin Doctors Ingrow Go lotion

I have tried many serums/lotions for ingrown hairs. Like most women, I mostly get these along my bikini line. I get a hollywood wax monthly on top of physically exfoliating the area daily (if your into hair removal and haven’t tried it I highly recommend it unless you can afford laser hair removal which is a great option also). This one is honestly the best one that I have tried so far! The main ingredient is Isopropyl Alcohol which helps to sterilise infected pores. Ingrown hairs form when the pore becomes infected so this is a very effective and key ingredient. It is also a peeling gel so when you wipe the area you will see dead skin on the cotton pad.

8. Too Faced Natural Face palette

I have been using this palette everyday! It is the perfect face palette for everyday makeup, I mix the blush shades together and the highlight shades. Unfortunately, the bronzer shades are too light for my skin tone so I use them as eyeshadows. The formula is buttery soft. I like cream to powder formulas and they are reminiscent of that. The smell of this palette is amazing too! It really looks natural and enhances my natural glow.

9. Physicians Formula Healthy Lip lipsticks

The formula of these liquid lipsticks are phenomenal! They are very comfortable on the lips as it has a mousse-like texture, highly pigmented shades, long-lasting and have a velvet-matte finish. Honestly the best formula of liquid lipstick that I have tried in 2019! The key ingredients are avocado oil, vitamins A & E and hyaluronic acid. 10. ABH x Jackie Aina eyeshadow palette

The reason why the Jackie Aina palette collaboration with ABH is my favourite eyeshadow palette of 2019 is because of the range of options in this palette. It features shimmers, mattes, glitters and duo-chrome eyeshadows. The all are women-of colour friendly and for someone like me who has a yellow-golden undertone I appreciate eyeshadows that are made with warm undertones in mind. The pigmentation and colour pay-off of all of the shades are incredible, the formulas have that buttery soft texture that I love and of course the packaging is absolutely stunning! For me, this palette can easily complete my collection because of the variety and quality of eyeshadows. It is limited edition so I would highly recommend for you to buy it while it is available.

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