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*NEW* E.L.F Bite Size Eyeshadow Palette - Only £3 ?!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

E.L.F announced their new Bite Size Eyeshadow mini palettes 5 days ago and I felt compelled to buy these as I was so curious about the quality of these as they are only £3! Part of my curiousity was also how similar these might be to the new Fenty Snap Shadows - but for way cheaper! These are the perfect mini eyeshadow palettes for your pocket handbag. The description claims to have a 'luxe formula' that is 'creamy, blendable, & ultra-pigmented.' 

8 palettes were released which are called; 'Cream & Sugar', 'Berry Bad', 'Truffles', 'Rose Water', 'Carnival Candy', 'Pumpkin Pie', 'Acai You' and 'Hot Jalapeño'. I bought 4 of them which you will see throughout this post accompanied with raw swatches which have no filter or eyeshadow primer added to enhance the colour payoff.

In each palette there are a mix of matte and shimmer shades which is great because you can create more subtle or glamorous eye looks by just using one of these mini palettes. I love how tiny they are, they truly embody what 'travel size' actually means. They are slim, flat palettes that will into the tightest crevice of your makeup bag or pocket.

I chose these shades in particular because they will compliment my skin tone the best. I have a warm undertone and so I gravitate to warmer colours that will stand out against my complexion. The four other palettes that I didn't purchase are targeted towards paler and fairer skin with neutral or cool undertones. I appreciate that everyone can use these £3 eyeshadow palettes despite their skin tone and colour! We should continue to expect complete inclusivity concerning shade ranges and undertones from all beauty brands in 2020 and going forward.

In the midst of my swatching I noticed that the matte shades are less pigmented and more powdery than the shimmer shades. I had to go over the matte swatches multiple times, whereas with the shimmers I could only go in once and receive the rich, pigmentation that you see in the pictures below. The 'creamy, blendable, ultra-pigmented' claim on the website applies more to the shimmer shades than the matte shades. It does feel like they both have separate formulas even though it's claimed that it is the same across the board.

I LOVE these shades in 'Hot Jalapeno', every time I gaze at them they remind me of summer and nature. These greens are gorgeous and will look especially glorious on those who have brown eyes.

I am a sucker for pink eyeshadow looks so of course I had to pick up 'Berry Bad' which I think is a great name for this palette! You get a nice gradient of light to deep pink shades. The first two colours are perfect for daytime looks and the last two deeper shades would be an amazing for transitioning into a smokey eye for the night time.

'Carnival Candy' is slightly out of my comfort zone as these are not the shades that I would normally gravitate towards, but that BLUE...oh that blue...drew me all the way in!

'Pumpkin Pie' is a great for everyday eye looks, it combines a bunch of warm-toned brown shimmers and mattes to create the perfect subtle but sexy look. If you are someone who does not like colourful eyeshadows and you prefer more 'natural' looks then this a great option for you.

I highly recommend for you to try these new palettes from E.L.F because they are great quality for the £3 that you will pay. In my opinion these definitely give some of the more premium brands a good run for their money as the pigmentation and colour payoff is extremely good for the price that you are paying!

If you are new to makeup, do your makeup on-the-go, a student on a tight budget or just someone (like me) who loves to try the cheaper products sometimes then these are for you! You literally don't have much to lose. £3 is the price of a Tesco Meal Deal, why not try them out?

If you have tried these let me know your thoughts down below.

Vernita x

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