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L-lysine: The underrated supplement that you should consider taking.

I found out about L-lysine just over a month ago now, I was scrolling on Pinterest and this popped up...

What is L-lysine?

L-lysine is an amino acid (building block of protein) and it is commonly used to treat cold sores but there are tons of success stories online claiming it helps the skin overall. There is evidence that it helps to build collagen in the skin which means that it can do wonders for acne.

Why should you consider taking it?

Lysine is one of the essential amino acids that your body needs to build proteins. Since our bodies can’t produce essential amino acids, including lysine in your diet is the only way to make sure you’re getting it. Lysine plays an important role in supporting your immune system. (healthlline.com).

Up until I saw this post, I had NEVER heard about lysine pills and I was eager to try it because I have always dealt with acne/acne scarring so I was interested in taking something orally everyday that could possibly help to reduce it! So I searched Amazon to get the pills for myself and after reading plenty of reviews I was convinced that it was worth a try.

I have included this into my daily routine for over a month now and I have seen a difference in the darkness of my scars on my face and the hyperpigmentation around my mouth. I had an allergic reaction a month ago which created a dark, scabby rash around my mouth & neck, it caused a lot of left over scarring . However, I don't know if that is due to a change in my skin care routine and incorporating daily probiotic drinks (blog post on that soon) so I can't give my personal review at this point as I have not been taking it long enough.

Let's go over the PROS & CONS of taking L-lysine:


- Helps acne

- Helps form collagen

- Treats cold sores/herpes

- Reduces anxiety

- Increases bone strength

- Improves the function of the heart

- Reduces diabetes complications

- Supports a healthy gut


- The size of the tablets of the one I bought are large so I cut/bite them in half to make it easier to take.

- Side effects: diarrhoea, nausea and abdominal pain (I have personally not experienced any side effects).

Do you take L-lysine? Have you ever heard of it before reading this post?

Vernita x

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