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How to Refresh Protective Styles & Prevent Itchy Scalp

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Most of the time my hair is in a protective style, 90% of the time my preference is Marley Twists. I love protective styles because they keep my hair healthy and growing especially during the winter season. They also take away the stress of doing my hair everyday. I have a lot of hair, it’s thick, kinky and getting longer. I always want to keep my hair in a healthy, flourishing state so the less manipulating the better! In a future post I will share my wash day/styling routine for when I wear my natural hair out.

I usually keep my twists in for 6-8 weeks and I always notice that by 3 or 4 weeks my hair starts to look frizzy, messy and grown-out. At this point I start to turn to my maintenance products a lot more to help keep my twists looking fresh while keeping my natural hair hydrated and protected within the style.

A huge part of protective styles that use false hair is the itching that can come with it. Doing an apple cider vinegar rinse on the hair before applying it can help with itching as false hair is often sprayed with chemicals that can irritate the scalp. The products that I use to help relieve itchiness are by Sulphur 8. I use the ‘Anti-dandruff Conditioning Spray’ and the ‘Hair and Scalp conditioner’. These have worked very well for me and have been extremely effective for me as I did not wash the hair with apple cider vinegar before getting my previous style done.

Regular use of these products help to keep my

hair soft, itch-free and moisturised. To help with frizz, I use the Eco Styling Gel. I place a generous amount in the palm of my hands and smooth it into my hair from root to tip. I then put on a headscarf to help lay all the frizz down. 2 hours later when it’s dried down, my hair looks good as new again. I repeat this routine every 4-5 days.

What do you use to maintain your protective styles in order to make them last longer?

Vernita x

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