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How I Finally Grew My Eyebrows Back After Years of Trying!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

For as long as I can remember, I have ALWAYS had sparse and short eyebrows. As you can see above, I did not originally have tails to my brows and its been like that for years. This is due to my younger self wanting to experiment with razors (I still cringe at the stupidity of my curiosity to experiment in this way and wish someone had stopped me). I shaved off half of both of my brows. Unfortunately in this case, I don’t grow much hair on my face so they eyebrows grew a little bit but never grew back completely.

Your experience was probably not as dramatic as my own. Maybe you plucked your eyebrows so much that the hair follicles stopped producing hair? Maybe you had a bad wax or threading job that went wrong and they never grew back in the same way after that? Maybe you have never had full brows and they have always been sparse?

Whatever your story is, I think we can all agree that eyebrows are important. They frame our face and can play a big part in the way our face looks overall. Taking this into account, I’ve tried or considered every possible route to fix my brows over the years. I’ve consistently tried the ‘natural’ way of using Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my brows every night. I would be lying if I said I didn’t see at least a slight difference however the castor oil never helped to grow hair in the sparse, non-existent areas of my eyebrow - it just boosted growth where there was already hair. I even tried Vaseline at one point because I heard that was effective also - it was a lie. Last year, I considered saving up to get micro-blading done, (which I may still do in the future) but I was aware that I would have to get it re-touched once a year and I have oily skin so it would not have been a long-lasting solution.

Towards the end of October 2019, I decided to re-visit a product as knew about in the past but couldn’t afford to consistently buy. At the time RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum was around £40 in Boots and I was a 17-18 year old who was working Saturday shifts, I was earning a small amount of money each week. I tried it and saw a difference but never continued using it after finishing my first tube.

Fast forward to today, I wish I would have purchased a second tube and persisted because that’s all it has taken to grow my eyebrows out today. Two tubes of Rapidbrow and patience has given me eyebrows I never thought I would have. It claims to create visible results in just 60 days. I agree with this claim as I started to see results between 2-3 months. ‘Powered by Hexatein™2 Complex, a powerful blend of six ingredients including Keratin, Sweet Almond Extract and Polypeptides, the eyebrow serum starts to transform thin, uneven and sparse brows in just a few strokes of a brush.’ (lookfantastic.com)

I still have some way to go so my journey isn’t finished but I am definitely happy with the results so far! The product description suggests using this twice a day, however I have been using it once a day at night so maybe that has slowed down my results.

Ultimately, it has taken almost 6 months for me to see a dramatic transformation in my brows. The packaging is simple, small and easy to use. The same as mascara packaging and comes with the wand to brush easily through the hairs. For the whole time I have been using this, I have only focused it on the start and ends of my brows as those were the places I wanted to provoke hair growth.

If you are looking for a product that will effectively grow out your eyebrows then try RapidBrow. It’s the only product that has worked for me and it has plenty glowing reviews so I’m sure it could work for you also! Just be patient and take pictures of your process to remind yourself of the growth.

Have you tried RapidBrow? What was your experience?

Vernita x

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