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Foundations that look like SKIN!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Today I am going to share with you my two favourite foundations that look like skin! I find that I always receive so many compliments when wearing these, I have even had people tell me that my skin is so clear (I wish lol!). I am obsessed with glowy, natural looks and the foundations that I use definitely play a huge role in this.

The first foundation I became obsessed with was the Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint. My winter shade is Cuba and my summer shade is Malaga. Even though I am referring to it as a foundation, it is marketed as a 'skin tint'. The reason why I see it as a foundation is because it has an impressive amount of coverage!

Here are two pictures of me wearing it.

Please note that my skin type is oily. I absolutely love it as it looks so natural and is so lightweight, it honestly feels like I have nothing on!

Wearing: Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint


- Medium buildable coverage

- Includes SPF 30

- Easy application

- Improves look of skin texture

- Very lightweight (allows skin to breath)

- Matte finish

- Does not need to be set with powder (unless you have oily skin)

- 1.7 oz (48ml) 18ml more than most foundations

- No flashback when taking pictures


- Clings to dead skin/dry areas

- Matte finish does not last on oily skin (must be set with powder)

- £30 + depending on where you buy it from

- Comes in 12 shades

- Not suitable for all skin types (Clings to dry skin/patches & Oily skin makes it dewy not matte).

The second foundation that I am currently obsessed with is the Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage 24hr foundation! I love it so much that I asked my makeup artist to use it on my Wedding day! If you want to see my wedding pictures and how my skin looked with the foundation then click here to check out my personal Instagram.

This foundation is ah-maz-ing!! It smooths out texture instantly and is very full coverage! However it does not give you that 'cake-face' that most full coverage foundations do, it is lightweight! It is full coverage but still manages to look like it's your skin. My summer shade is a mixture of caramel and caramel beige, my winter shade is just caramel beige by itself. It has better quality and coverage compared to some of the more expensive foundations that I have tried. The best part about this foundation is that it only retails for £9.99! (You can find it cheaper here though if your trying to save a little extra coin). As you can see I absolutely love it and cannot rave about it enough!

Have a look at these two photos of me wearing it:


- Only £9.99

- Full coverage

- Smooths out texture

- Lightweight

- Matte finish

- Long-lasting (24hr wear)

- Drugstore (easily accessible)

- Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)

- Easy application

- Suitable for all skin types

- 24 shades

- No flashback when taking pictures


- Matte finish may not be good for dry skin types

- Does not include SPF

What are your favourite foundations and have you tried any of these? Comment and let me know! :)

Vernita x

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