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Foreo vs Clarisonic: Which is better?

For my first post I want to discuss skin cleansing tools as I have been a frequent user of these for almost 4 years now. As someone who wears makeup regularly, I am strict about my skin care routine and making sure every last bit of makeup has been removed before I go to bed. I used to use my hands to wash my face, this just led to countless clogged pores and breakouts. Using a skin cleansing tool has greatly improved my skin and the texture over the years, not to mention how soft and clean my skin feels afterward!

Skin cleansing tools get rid of way more bacteria that is trapped in your pores than your hands ever will, this will result in cleaner skin, better texture and less breakouts.

Before we compare and discuss the two tools that I have had personal experience using, I know that some may have concerns about whether there is a tool for their skin type especially if you have very sensitive skin like myself or suffer from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Keep reading to find about which of these tools may be right for you depending on your skin type. I have also included links to other devices that each company makes so that you find the perfect one for you.

The first tool I ever used was the Clarisonic Aria , I owned and loved my Clarisonic for over 2 years. I remember saving up for it and buying it for myself on my 19th birthday. It was definitely the most expensive thing in my skincare routine, it was an investment especially considering that I was a university student at the time. I have always had sensitive and acne prone skin so I started off using the sensitive skin facial brush head. It claims to be 'balanced and versatile' and 'suitable for all skin types'. During the first month of using it, my skin reacted it well and even started to clear up. However, as my skin grew used to this brush head, it became sensitive and the bristles felt very abrasive and irritated my skin. After 3 months of using this particular brush head (I wanted to get my money's worth lol), I decided to switch to the delicate brush head. This brush head claims to be 'extra gentle' for 'fragile and reactive skin'. I tried it out and it was softer and less abrasive against my skin but still cleaned it well. I continued to purchase this brush head every 3 months for the rest of the time that I owned my Clarisonic. One thing I must add is that I noticed that the bristles would feel more abrasive in the 3rd month but maybe that was because it was due for a replacement anyway...

Clarisonic Aria


- Cleans 6x better than hands alone

- Comes with various brush heads to suit different skin types

- Waterproof

- Creates better absorption for products used afterwards.

- Deeply exfoliates & improves skin texture

- 3 speeds

- Fully charged gives 28 minutes of use

- Comes in 4 colours

- Comes with charging dock


- Brush head must be replaced every 3 months (£21 extra cost)

- Bristles can harbour bacteria over time which can cause more breakouts

- Not ideal travel size

- Expensive (£155) - 5 year quality guarantee

- Must take brush head off each time to help it air out and dry

- Easy for build up underneath brush head if you don't take it off regularly

Other types of Clarisonic devices available:

Clarisonic Mia 1

Clarisonic Mia 2

Clarisonic Mia Fit

Clarisonic Alpha Fit

Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift

My current skin cleansing tool is the Foreo Luna Mini. I have owned this baby for over a year now. When I bought this, my Clarisonic was working fine. So why did I decide to switch?

The first reason is because I was tired of spending money on replacement brush heads for my Clarisonic every 3 months! The money was adding up and I felt like I was constantly paying to keep using it.

The second reason was that through the use of chemical exfoliants, my skin had become sensitive and the Clarisonic was irritating it even though I was using the most sensitive brush head that they offered.

The third reason was that I had done some research and watched/read countless reviews on the Foreo, only to find out that silicone brush heads are resistant to bacteria build up, while bristle brush heads are not. I was horrified at the thought that I could have been spreading bacteria around my face constantly every day which could have contributed to more breakouts and acne. Even though I did wash my bristle brush head consistently, I didn't want to keep doing that as I could only use each one for 3 months anyway.

My fourth and last reason is that I found the size of the Clarisonic bothersome while traveling so I wanted something smaller and more compact.

Foreo Luna Mini


- Gentle silicone brush

- Resistant to bacteria build-up

- Small & compact

- Waterproof

- Comes in 5 colours

- Massages your face as well as cleansing

- 3 zones (touch-points)

- Suitable for all skin types

- No need for brush replacement

- Less expensive than the Clarisonic (£85)

- Full charge lasts up to 300 uses

- 10 year quality guarantee


- 2 speeds

- Can't change brush head so you have to make sure to keep it clean

- Doesn't come with a charging dock

- No case to store it in

Other Foreo devices available:

Foreo Luna

Foreo Luna 2

Foreo Luna Play Plus

Foreo Luna Go

Foreo Luna Mini 2

Now that i have compared both the Clarisonic and Foreo, I can say that I personally think the Foreo is better for a number of reasons. The main reason being that it does not irritate my sensitive skin.

Do you own any of these devices? Which one do you think is better?

Vernita x

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